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Incidents and Statements involving Coordination Committee (CorCom): 2017



Nature of incident

January 9


After the arrest of the militant of Lamyanba Khuman faction of KCP-MC on January 8 by Manipur Police, who suspected to be involved in planting a hand grenade at the office of Pandam, an evening daily on December 26, 2016, a spokesperson of AR claimed that CorCom, an apex body of six outfits of Manipur responsible for the threatening of the local editors.

Non-violent, Statement
January 22 12th Mile Barabasti along NH-315 near Jagun village / Tinsukia District

Two AR personnel were killed and several others injured when suspected militants attacked an AR vehicle escorting tourists in Tinsukia District. Militants lobbed several grenades targeting the vehicle at Jagun 12th Mile Barabasti on NH-315 bordering the District in the run up to Republic Day, a defence spokesman said. The AR vehicle and three vehicles of tourists returning from the Pangsau festival have been damaged in grenade explosions, the spokesman added. The Pangsau Festival is held along the Indo-Myanmar border in the area.

January 22 12th Mile Barabasti along NH-315 near Jagun village / Tinsukia District

SFs killed two unidentified militants involved in the ambush which claimed the lives of two AR troopers at 12th Mile Barabasti along NH-315 near Jagun village in Tinsukia District. Defence PRO, Lieutenant Colonel Suneet Newton, said that bodies of two militants had been recovered along with five IEDs, two grenades, a G3 rifle, a pistol and fired cases of nine lathode. The ambush was jointly claimed by militant conglomerates namely UNLFW and CorCom under 'Operation Barak'.

January 23


In a joint statement, the CorCom, GNLA, HNLC and the ULFA-I called for a 'total shut down' in the entire North East India on Indian Republic day (26th January). In the joint statement issued by the militant groups asserted that the 'WESEA' should 'collectively boycott' the Indian Republic Day on January 26, 2017.

February 23 NS

The CorCom, a conglomerate of six Imphal Valley-based militant outfits, announced a total shut down of Manipur over the PM's scheduled visit to the State on February 25. CorCom called for total shut down all over Manipur from 6 am morning of February 25 till the Indian PM leaves Manipur. However, medical services, religious activities, media, water supply, electricity and fire services would not be covered by the total shut down, it added.

March 16 NS

The ULFA-I, in a joint statement issued by its 'chairman' Abhizeet Asom, and 'c-in-c' Paresh Asom, hinted that it will continue 'joint operations' with the CorCom, an umbrella body of Manipur-based militant groups, against security forces of India. Last year, both the militant formations have carried out coordinated attacks on Security Forces under 'operation Barak'. The statement was issued on the occasion of ULFA-I's 'army day' on March 16.

May 25


In a statement, the CorCom, a conglomerate of four Valley-based militant outfits, has expressed its solidarity with the Kashmiri people and 'condemned the excesses' of the Security Personnel 'against the civilians' of Kashmir and 'WESEA (Western South East Asia- a term used by militants of the region to indicate the North East India) region'. CorCom in its statement also stated that it supported the movement for Kashmiri people to decide the future status of their 'homeland'.

April 3


In a statement, CorCom, the conglomerate of several militant groups of the State threatened one lady named Konsam Ongbi Sanahanbi from Kwakeithel Akham Leikai of Imphal West District to appear before them by April 30. The militant group alleged that the lady has collected a huge amount of money in the name of the militant group.

May 29

Thoubal District

SFs arrested one militant of KYKL, identified as 'sergeant major' Recky Thoudam (32), from Thounaojam of Wabagai in Thoubal District. In the interrogation the militant revealed that he was directed to carry out IED blasts targeting security forces and was accompanied by five CorCom cadres.



Source:Compiled from news reports and are provisional.





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