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Incidents and Statements involving Kuki National Army: 2014



Nature of incident

Janaury 6


SFs rescued one Jangkholun Guite, village secretary of Haokip Champhai of Saikul under Sagolmang Police Station in Senapati District, who was kidnapped on January 2 by suspected KNA-I cadres. Guite was rescued by the SFs from Kholjang village under Kangpokpi Police Station in Senapati District. Further, SFs arrested two militants of KNA-I along with one 7.65mm pistol, live rounds and two letters on the latter pad of KNA-I.

February 6 Senapati

The Bus Association of Senapati, Kanggui and Motbung ceased passenger service for two days due to monetary demand of INR 500,000 to the associations by suspected KNO/KRA. The Association which is not in a position to pay the demand of the organization ceased the service due to fear, said a source.

February 24 Imphal

Manipur Governor VK Duggal, in his first ever address in the Manipur Legislative Assembly, on February 24, said his Government is taking steps to make Manipur a peaceful and prosperous State with all the communities living harmoniously. He said Manipur has been affected by insurgent activities spread over a period of over four decades where more than 60 militant outfits, including factions, are operating. Insurgency has adversely affected development, he said.

March 28 NS

KNA-I declared its total ban against the Congress party in the 16th Lok Sabha Election. According to a statement signed by the outfit's 'Information and Publicity secretary' Barak Kuki, Kukis have been living since time immemorial in their respective dwelling places peacefully while safeguarding the integrity, identity and culture but the understanding and peaceful coexistence of the Kukis are being demolished by the Congress-led UPA Government. While cautioning individuals and civil organizations to abstain from election related activities in favor of Congress the outfit warned to take suitable action against those working or supporting the Congress party.

April 1 NS

A Kuki based underground faction, KNA-I, banned Congress in the forthcoming Lok Sabha (Lower House of Indian Parliament) elections in the Outer Manipur (Reserved) constituency, blaming it of jeopardizing the peaceful existence of the Kukis in the State.

April 5 NS

Kuki militant groups which are under trilateral SoO pact with the Government of India and Government of Manipur have decided to support the Congress candidate in Outer Manipur. UPF and KNO, the two umbrella organisations of several Kuki underground groups, took separate decisions to support the Congress candidate in view of some political parties/candidates campaigning on the line of ethnicity and community affiliations.

June 3 NS KNO 'president' PS Haokip stated that the SoO has been extended several times over, but the Government is yet to engage the Kukis in a dialogue. He advocated regrouping of Zo tribes. Non Violent
June 5 NS

UPF exuded confidence that the new Prime Minister would address the political demand of UPF and KNO.

Non Violent
June 22 NS

SoO between GoI AND KNO will expire by August 22. KNO 'spokesperson' Dr Seilen Haokip stated that KNO will observe closely how the new Government perceives and considers the Kuki issue and the Kuki underground outfits.

June 30 New Delhi

The CM of Mizoram Lal Thanhawla appealed to Rajnath Singh to resume peace talks with Manipur's KNO He said that KNO was not fighting for secession from the Indian Union but struggled for rights of the Kukis.

July 11 Churachandpur

There are a total of 17 militant organisations affiliated with KNO in Churchandpur.

July 28 NS

The current SoO with KNO will expire by August 22.

July 28 Tuibuong/ Churachandpur

ZRF 'defence director' Nengzamuan alias Nicolas was killed by five assailants at his residence in Tuibuong in Churachandpur District

July 28 NS

KNO President PS Haokip advised armed groups from taking vengeance as it will neither help create Zogam nor Zalengam (Land of Freedom).

August 9 NS

12 days before the expiry of the present term of SoO of KNO uncertainty hangs whether KNO will sign for extension of SoO.

August 14 NS

KNO has indicated that the SOO is likely to continue after its expiry on August 22.

August 16 New Delhi

KNO 'defence secretary' TS Haokip met Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju and discussed the commencement of political dialogue. KNO sources said that the Kuki public and cadres have become very impatient as no dialogue has started even though SoO was signed in 2008. Rijiju has assured the KNO leader to engage in the political dialogue.

August 17 Litan/ Ukhrul

OGW of KNA Hejin C Jang was arrested from a vehicle check post of Litan in Ukhrul District.

September 23 NS

KNO expressed displeasure over the formalization of the extension of SoO and the State Government has reportedly intimated MHA to fix a date for the tripartite meetings with both the KNO and UPF.

September 23 NS

KNO 'spokesman' Seilen Haokip alleged that extension of SoO was a case of extreme irregular from the part of the Government.

October 7 NS

Although SoO pact between KNO State Government and GoI has been extended by an year, no tripartite political dialogue will be held as KNO have certain grudges against the Government.

October 13 NS

KNA information and publicity secretary LH Stephen' stated that KRA, which is under SoO has opened a new 'army head quarters' called Tintong 'battalion' at Veitum Kholen, New Keithelmanbi in Imphal West District under command of 'sergeant major' Ronald Haokip ON October 8. He also added that the new 'army headquarters' has 11 automatic rifles.

December 19 NS

1122 KNA militants under the SoO have surrendered before the Government, said Deputy CM Gagairam



Note:Compiled from news reports and are provisional.






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