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Janatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha – Jwala Singh (JTMM-J)


The Jwala Singh faction of the Janatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha (JTMM-J) was formed by Nagendra Kumar Paswan a.k.a. Jwala Singh in August 2006 after he broke away from the Jaya Krishna Goit led JTMM. Jwala Singh is a former CPN-Maoist cadre and had joined Goit when he floated the JTMM. Later, he developed differences with Goit over the strategies to be adopted for the liberation of the Terai and establishment of an independent Terai state.


Jwala Singh demands complete secession from Nepal and to form a new independent state of Terai. In fact, he has already declared Terai as an independent state and says that any talks with the Government will be to demarcate the border only.


  • The Terai should be declared an independent state.

  • There should be proportionate participation by determining constituencies on the basis of population.

  • All the police, army and administration in the Terai should be evacuated and Madhesi people should be posted there.

  • Population census should be conducted in Terai under the supervision of Madhesis.

  • All the revenue collected from Terai should be spent for the development of Terai.

  • All the Madhesi killed by the state and Maoists should be declared martyrs and NPR 1.5 million should be provided as compensation.

  • Citizenship should be issued from the central to district level in coordination with the Madhesis.

  • The land of Madhesis captured by Maoists should be given back.

  • Maoists should end their ‘donation drive’ and tax collection in Terai.

Leadership and Structure

Jwala Singh is the leader of the organisation. The group claims to have formed an armed militia in 12 of the Terai’s 20 districts. With a cadre strength of a few hundreds, this group has an organisation modeled on the CPN-Maoist, with a central committee, central and district level governments, a Terai Liberation Army and district committees across the districts.

Area of Activity

It is primarily active in the Terai region bordering India in the districts of Siraha, Dhanusha, Morang, Sarlahi, Bara, Saptari, Mohattari, Birgunj and Rautahat.

Incidents involving JTMM-J


July 17: SFs arrested Suraj Singh alias Jitan, a District committee member of the JTMM-J, from Garuda in Rautahat District.


December 26: Two cadres belonging to the JTMM-J including a coordinator of the outfit, were killed in Police action in Rautahat District. The deceased have been identified as JTMM-J coordinator Surendrabin Baniya alias Kamal and Secretary Harish Chandra Sahani alias Umesh. The Police had been searching Baniya and Sahani from a long time for their alleged involvement in murder, abduction, extortion and other criminal activities.

August 8: The District Police Office Parsa made public Bhaju Patel, a central member of JTMM-J. In the press conference, Bhaju admitted he was behind the murder of Mahendra Tamang, Principal at Biruwaguthi-based Aamadevi English Boarding School and various incidents of bomb blast and extortion.

August 4: A bandh enforced by JTMM-J affected normal life in Bara, Parsa and Rautahat Districts. The outfit called the shutdown demanding release of its Parsa District in-charge Bhuj Patel who was arrested two weeks ago along with weapons by Police.

March 29: JTMM-J Mahottari District in-charge, Sudhir Pandey aka Dharmadas, was shot dead in Mahottari. He was killed when an unidentified gang fired at him, Police said, adding that Dharmadas died sustaining four bullets. The deceased Dharmadas was involved in several incidents of killing and abductions in the District.

February 2: The Nepal Police shot dead a ‘commander’ of Jwala Singh faction of JTMM-J, identified as Motiram Dusad alias ‘Kalicharan’ (26), in an encounter in Parsa District.

February 1: Nepal Police recovered illegal weapons from the residence of Madhusudhan Ray Yadav, a cadre belonging to Jwala Singh group of the JTMM, at Sonaraniya VDC in Rautahat of Birgunj District.


October 6: The Armed Police Force arrested a central committee member of the JTMM-J, identified as Sakhichandra Yadav, from Ekdara VDC-8 area in the Mahottari District in the morning. Earlier, Yadav was arrested along with a set of pistol and bullets. However, he was freed a year later by the Government to make an environment for talks. Soon after being freed, Yadav went underground.

October 4: The JTMM-J said that the group is ready to hold talks with the Government. Chairman of the outfit, Jwala Singh, said the JTMM-J was ready for the talks if the Government presented itself responsibly over the matter. He demanded that the Government implement the past agreements reached with the Madheshi parties and institutionalise the spirit of the Madhesh movement for the talks. Jwala Singh, however, said the recently introduced special security policy of the Government was against the Madheshi people.

September 19: JTMM-J announced a truce for 36 days considering the upcoming festivals. Issuing a press statement, the JTMM-J chief Nagendra Paswan alias Jwala Singh said the ceasefire has been declared in view the major festivals like Dashain, Tihar and Chhat and Ed. Jwala Singh said his group would stop armed activities during the cease-fire effective from September 19.

April 9: An armed cadre of the JTMM-J, identified as Parasuram Kori, was killed in an encounter with Police at Shivapur village in the Banke District. Police sources said Kori was killed in retaliation after the JTMM-J cadres opened fired at a Police patrol team leading to an exchange of fire for about half- an- hour at Shivapur. A semi-automatic gun, one pistol, three socket bombs and dozens of rounds of ammunition were recovered from the bag of the deceased. The kin and relatives of the deceased, however, said that Kori was innocent and added that JTMM-J men had forcibly taken him under their control three days ago. "They abducted my son and two others three days ago. My innocent son was killed for nothing," said Buduni Kori, the victim''s mother.

March 28: Five persons were injured when a powerful socket bomb exploded at the busy Garuda Bazaar of the Rautahat District. Barud Singh, commander of JTMM-J, claimed responsibility for the blast.

March 19: An unidentified gang shot dead a CPN-UML cadre, Brija Mohan Yadav, and injured another at Jhatikaiya in the Dhanusha District. According to Police, cadres of the JTMM-J could have been involved in the murder. Police arrested one Satya Narayan Yadav, a JTMM-J cadre, in connection with the incident.

March 17: Police and cadres of the JJTMM-J clashed in the Betahani area of Banke District. Following the clash, Police arrested one Madhumohan Sarkar, reportedly an Indian citizen, staying in a rented apartment from the Puraina area of the District and seized a gun from the incident site.

March 14: A 'pressure cooker bomb' exploded at the office of the Nepali Congress at Nepalgunj-13 in the Banke District damaging its walls and two doors, according to the District Police Office. Bhagat Singh, District in-charge of the JTMM-J, claimed responsibility for the blast and said it was carried out to protest the Nepali Congress president Girija Prasad Koirala''s recent statement against ''One Madhesh One Pradesh''.

February 16: Narendra Khati, a supervisor at the Janakpur cigarette factory, was shot dead in Janakpur. An unidentified person claiming to be a cadre of the JTMM-J claimed responsibility of the killing.

January 15: Seven cadres affiliated to various Terai-based armed outfits surrendered to the Police in Rautahat District. Four of the surrendered cadres are from the JTMM-J, two from Terai Army and one from ATMM.

January 14: Jwala Singh, president of the JTMM-J, said that his party would sit for talks with the Government only if the latter met four pre-conditions. Speaking on phone at a programme organised by Freedom Forum, he reiterated that the JTMM-J had adopted maximum flexibility for talks and accused the Government of not becoming serious about addressing its demands. The JTMM-J has been demanding the release of its detained activists, withdrawal of 'fake cases' against its activists, declaration of cease-fire and guarantee of security for its leaders. The Government has released one of its central members to create an environment for the talks, while two other central members, Karan Singh and Sitaram Chaudhary, are still in detention. Commenting on the unification of his outfit with the outfits led by Jaya krishna Goit and Pawan Singh, he said only the process for unification had begun. "Goit's Morcha wants all armed groups to be unified. We have been talking with the two groups. The parties may unite in the future," he said.

January 13: The Jay Krishna Goit led ATMM, formerly known as JTMM-G, Pawan Giri-led SJTMM and JTMM-J formally announced the unification of the three parties and decided to name the unified front as Terai Janatantrik Party (TJP). A meeting of the three fronts held at an undisclosed location in Siraha District took the decision to this effect. The unified party will be chaired by Jaya Krishna Goit and Pawan Giri will be the vice chairman, while Jwala Singh will be the general secretary. Likewise, Aajad has been appointed the chief of Terai Government of the newly formed alliance and Khudiram will be its organisational department chief, said a statement issued by Goit. "The three groups have been merged in order to strongly push the demand for a 'free Terai' as it has been overshadowed due to disintegration among the Terai groups," the statement read, adding that the process for the unification with other groups has been initiated. The outfits led by Jawala Singh and Pawan Giri had earlier separated from the Jay Krishna Goit-led group.

January 9: An unidentified group shot dead a security guard, identified as Bhawanath Pudasaini, working at Basudeva Industries Pvt. Ltd, at Banjhariya-7 in the Bara District. Pudasaini was abducted from his office before being killed. Tabaresh, the District in-charge of the JTMM-J, claimed responsibility for the killing.


December 16: Cadres of the JTMM-J shot dead a CPN-UML cadre, Rama Saha, in the Dhanusa District. Police informed that JTMM-J cadres, Indra Goit and Devendra Goit, were arrested for suspicion of their involvement in the murder.

November 30: Jwala Singh, chairman of the JTMM-J, said his outfit would not join talks with the Government unless the conditions put forward by it are met.

November 17: Talking to the media at Janakpur airport, the co-ordinator of the Government talks team and Minister for Peace and Reconstruction, Janardhan Sharma, said he met leaders of the Jwala Singh faction of Janatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha (JTMM-J), MVK, Terai Janatantrik Party, Janatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha and Samyukta Janatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha (SJTMM), among others.

November 8: Minister for Local Development Ram Chandra Jha, a member of the Government talks’ team, said the Government would not wait for armed groups struggling in the Terai and eastern districts if they do not come for the talks within mid December. He further informed that the dialogue with the groups would begin by the end of November. According to Minister Jha, the JTTM-J, the Terai Cobra, the Terai Tiger and other groups are in constant touch with the government. "However, the Jai Krishna Goit faction of the JTTM has not come to our contact yet," he said. He further said, "Conditions set by the armed struggle groups for the dialogue are unacceptable as all the issues will be discussed on the negotiation table."

November 2: A Madhesi leader close to both JTMM-G and JTMM-J claimed that these two groups have not yet been contacted by the talks team, nor have formal letters been sent inviting them for dialogue. None of the members of the talk teams was available for comment.

October 28: In a significant development, Nagendra Paswan alias Jwala Singh, chief of Jwala Singh faction of Janatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha (JTMM-J), has ruled out dialogue with the Maoist-led government unless their four demands are met. In an exclusive interview to The Himalayan Times at an undisclosed location on October 28, Singh questioned the government's motive behind the call for talks without any pre-condition. "The government does not seem to be serious about the dialogue. We have put four conditions, which have to be met within 24 hours. We are demanding the following: Repeal the false charges against our cadres, ensure security for our negotiators, declare ceasefire and withdraw security forces from across the villages to district headquarters in the Terai," he said.

October 16: Jwala Singh, chairman of the JTMM-J, welcomed the Government's call for dialogue adding that four "simple conditions" must be met before the armed outfit comes into negotiation table. The conditions included releasing the arrested JTTM cadres and scrapping the false charges filed against the JTMM-J, announcement of cease fire, proper security arrangements for its talks team and deputing the security personnel stationed at rural VDC the district headquarters.

October 14: Three cadres of the JTMM-J, who were arrested a week ago, released on ordinary bail by the Area Police Office in Garuda of Rautahat district coming under pressure from the local representatives of ruling political parties.

October 13: The government sent an official letter to JTMM factions led by Jwala Singh and Ranvir Singh, respectively, inviting them to come for a dialogue, according to Minister for Peace and Reconstruction Janardan Sharma who heads the talks committee. Minister Sharma said the government emissaries were trying to establish contacts with all armed groups in the Terai and also holding indirect talks with some of the armed groups.

September 27: The Parsa district chief of the JTMM-J, Dharmanath Kurmi alias Sudhir Pandey was killed by an unidentified gang in the Maniyari VDC of Parsa district. Before joining the JTMM-J, Kurmi was Parsa district in-charge of the Janatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha-Prithvi.

September 13: A powerful socket bomb has been recovered from the CPN-UML zonal office in Nepalgunj. According to Inspector Binod Sharma, Banke-Bardiya in-charge of the JTMM-J, Bhagat Singh, informed the police over telephone that the JTMM-J had planted the bomb to explode the CPN-UML office- stating that the UML is against the Terai.

September 9: Police arrested four armed cadres of the Jwala Singh faction of the Janatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha (JTMM-J) from Majhauliya-8 in the Siraha district on September 9-night. Police recovered three pistols and six rounds of bullets from them.

August 16: Jwala Singh, chairman of the JTMM-J, claimed that 30 of the inmates who escaped from Siraha district prison on August 13 have contacted the party. The JTMM-J district in charge, Toofan Singh Bidrohi, is one among them. Stating that the party's plan to liberate party's cadres was a success, Singh said that JTMM-J now plans to remove "Nepali ruler" from the Terai region. According to earlier reports, 54 inmates at Siraha district prison had escaped on August 13-evening. Of them, five absconders were arrested by the police the next day while one was killed in police action.

August 5: Activists of the JTMM-J detonated a bomb at the land revenue office in Jaleshwor. The blast, however, caused no major damage, police said. The JTMM-J district in-charge Surya said the blast was carried out against the financial irregularities going on in the office.

July 30: Cadres of the JTMM-J abducted two VDC secretaries in the Rautahat district. Secretary of Mohammadpur VDC, Raj Dev Mukhiya, and secretary of Dharahari VDC, Birendra Gupta, were abducted from Bhidabar area by armed men identifying themselves as JTMM-J cadres.

July 29: Police arrested two activists of the JTMM-J in connection with a murder case. Area No. 2 in-charge of the JTMM-J, Balaram Kurmi alias Chaudhary Singh and Binod Gadariya alias Abjoon Khan of Naurigaudi in Betahani-3, were arrested from Kamdi village, according to Banke Superintendent of Ghanashyam Bhatta. Bhatta said Singh was involved in the murder of Land Reform Office Banke's Kharidar Purna Prasad Dhakal and Muktihar Darji of CPN-Maoist on April 13. Police also seized one revolver and four rounds of bullets from Singh. Likewise, the Police arrested Gadariya along with a homemade pistol and three rounds of bullets.

July 14: The VDC Secretaries in Rautahat district have decided to provide donations demanded by various underground Terai outfits, following alleged permission from the CDO. CDO Shiva Kumar Nepal had allegedly directed VDC Secretaries to provide donation to groups such as the JTMM-J, Akhil Tarai Mukti Morcha and Terai Cobra. Reports further said that four underground Terai outfits have demanded donation of NR 1.4 million from 96 VDCs in the district. Considering the security situation and suggestions of the CDO, these VDC Secretaries have agreed to pay the donation. However, Shiva Kumar denied having instructed the VDC Secretaries to provide donation and said, "I told the VDC Secretaries to work something out regarding the recommendation pertaining to natural disasters."

June 30: An explosion at the office of the International Organisation of Migration (IOM) in Damak destroyed part of the building near its main gate. According to, a news portal run by refugees, the explosion occurred at around 8 pm (NST). Nepal Samacharpatra daily said unidentified assailants hurled three small bombs into the office before running away. No casualty was reported. The Jwala Singh faction of the JTMM-J subsequently claimed responsibility for the attack. The IOM has been involved in resettling Bhutanese refugees to United States, which vows to take some 60,000 as a gesture to end the two-decade long crisis.

June 18: Activists of the Jwala Singh faction of the JTMM-J abducted and shot dead Lila Prasad Lamichhane, an employee of Surya Nepal Pvt. Ltd at Simara of Bara district. Lamichhane was abducted from Dumarwana-8 while returning home and later his body was found near Dudhaura River with bullet injury in the temple. JTMM-J district leader Bikrant claimed responsibility for the incident.

May 17: Jwala Singh has been suspended from the post of chairman of the JTMM-J amidst accusations of him of working against the party's policies and alleged involvement in financial irregularities by the party’s politburo meeting. The meeting appointed Ranabir Singh as the outfit's commander.

Armed cadres of the JTMM-J, currently led by Ranbir Singh, abducted Nabal Kishwor Yadav, a ranger at Samasi Range Post, from Kathadhar bazaar of Shreepur VDC in the Kailali district.

April 7: Suspected cadres of the JTMM-J abducted Rajendra Pandey, an election official designated to oversee the Banauta polling centre in the Mahottari district.

March 25: An unidentified armed gang of five persons shot dead an 'area commander' of JTMM-J, Sekh Nasir of Gamhariya Parsa Village Development Committee. Superintendent of Police Ram Krishna Lama claimed that Nasir might have been killed by his own friends. Meanwhile, the JTMM-J district secretary Kisan Singh stated that his party was not involved in Nasir's murder and that a group of dacoits might have killed him and added that the group also looted a .303 rifle, a shot-gun and ammunition.

March 21: Police arrested two ‘commanders’ of the JTMM-J in Banke district. The duo was identified as Ram Baran Burma alias Halchal and Manoj Singh Choudhary, the local in-charge of the JTMM-J in Banke and Bardiya districts respectively.

March 20: Police arrested Babbu Singh Thakur, a cadre of the JTMM-J, who was working as a security guard with the Banke district branch office of the UNMIN. Banke district Deputy Superintendent of Police, Govind Damai, said that Thakur was arrested after he reached the Black & White Media Marketing Network and demanded NR 3 lakhs or two pistols. Police also said Thakur had earlier extorted NR 25,000 from the firm claiming to be a JTMM-J cadre named Bijuli.

March 18: A candidate for the CA election from the NPF in Banke constituency 2, Kamal Prasad Adhikari, was shot dead by militants of the Jwala Singh faction of the JTMM-J cadres. Four masked JTMM-J cadres entered his residence at Betahani-8 and killed him. Claiming responsibility for the killing, Bhagat Singh, the Banke district Chairman of JTMM-J, said, "JTMM-J was pressing him to withdraw his candidacy. Adhikari was killed as he did not listen to JTMM-J’s request."

March 15: An Armed Police Force team arrested two cadres of the JTMM-J in the Rautahat district.

March 12: Armed cadres of the JTMM-J shot dead a civilian identified as Hitlal Singh at his residence in the Hardiya area of Bara district.

March 3: Cadres of the JTMM-J detonated a 'pressure cooker bomb' at the residence of Krishna Man Shrestha, the Nepali Congress Banke district president and the party's candidate for Constituent Assembly election from constituency no. 4, at Adarsha Nagar in Nepalgunj. The blast caused minor damage to the house, but there was no human casualty.

February 25: Cadres of the JTMM-J shot dead Sukraraj Majhi Chaudhary, head constable of the Armed Police Force, at Inaruwa bazaar of Sunsari district.

February 23: Cadres of JTMM-J led by the area in-charge, Gabbar, abducted a civilian, Narayan Prasad Upadhyay, in Mahottari district.

February 22: JTMM-J cadres abducted an Armed Police Force head constable, Shyam Kumar Kashyap, from the Krishnanagar custom office in the Kapilvastu district.

February 18: At least 20 persons were injured when JTMM-J cadres attacked a wedding house at Katani village in the Rangapur VDC area of Rautahat district. They also abducted four girls from there, three of whom were released later. They also looted property worth NR one lakh, including gold ornaments.

February 17: The Bara-Parsa districts coordinator of the JTMM-G, Binod Mahato, was shot dead by an unidentified group at Bairganiyaa Bazaar in Bihar in India.

February 15: Two persons were injured when cadres of the JTMM-J detonated a pressure cooker bomb at the District Election Office in Nepalgunj in the Banke district.

February 13: JTMM-J cadres abducted a Rural Health Worker, Rajeshwor Prasad Sah, from Siraha district.

February 7: Two cadres of the JTMM-J, Chandreshwar Kamat alias Sher Singh and Raj Kumar Mandal alias Ranjit, were killed by police at Belichapena VDC in the Saptari district. Police also recovered one home-made pistol and six rounds of bullets from them.

February 5: JTMM-J cadres detonated six bombs on the premises of the District Education Office, at Zero Mile and Sahujipatti area in the Mahottari district.

Police arrested two JTMM-J cadres, identified as Jibat Kumar Mahato and Ram Chadra Mahato, from Lahan area in the Siraha district. Police also recovered two hand-made guns and 3 rounds of SLR bullets from them.

January 31: Cadres of the JTMM-J shot dead a guard at a community forest project in Sarlahi district. Police informed that the security guard, identified as Karna Bahadur Biswokarma, was shot dead while he was on duty at the Sagarnath Community Forest Project at Gaurishankhar VDC.

January 28: Cadres of the JTMM-J shot dead a youth in the Dhanusa district. A group headed by JTMM-J cadre, Tiger Singh, shot dead Madan Kumar Lama while he was on his way home at Puspalnagar in the Dhanusa district from Kathmandu, on charge of spying against them.

January 27: JTMM-J cadres exploded a petrol bomb at the CPN-Maoist district office at Rajhaul in the Dhanusa district.

January 25: JTMM-J detonated two bombs outside the District Development Committee hall in Rajbiraj.

January 20: JTMM-J cadres abducted and subsequently shot dead a government servant, Purna Prasad Dhakal, in the Banke district. Dhakal, who worked as a clerk at the Land Reforms Office, was whisked away from Raniyapur village in Banke district on January 19-night, and his bullet-ridden body was found on January 20-morning three kilometers away from Sidhiniya Ghaat in the Gamdi VDC.

JTMM-J cadres seized five tractors in Maryadapur VDC in the Rautahat district. JTMM-J area no. 3 in-charge, Jhaman Yadav, has said that the tractors were seized for failing to secure permits.

January 19: Security forces arrested two cadres of the JTMM-J, identified as Shanker Giri and Mahadev Sahani, with a pistol at Gaur Municipality-1 in the Rautahat district.

January 17: JTMM-J leader Jwala Singh said that his party is ready to negotiate with the government under the supervision of the United Nations or any other reliable international agency, according to Nepal News. He set a precondition that the government should give its commitment that major demands of his party would be addressed by the time formal talks begin.

January 12: Cadres of the JTMM-J shot dead a journalist, identified as Pushpa Shrestha, in front of the Kanya Lower Secondary School in Birgunj Municipility-3 of Parsa district. The Parsa district in-charge of JTMM-J, Toofan Singh, has claimed responsibility for the killing.

January 8: Security forces arrested two cadres of the JTMM-J, identified as Bhavikhan Mahato and Lal Babu Mahato, at Jeetpur in the Bara district. A twelve-bore gun and a homemade pistol were also recovered from their possession.

January 7: Police arrested a leader of the JTMM-J, identified as Raj Kumar Mandal, from Lalitpur and seized a revolver from his possession. Lalitpur Superintendent of Police, Pashupati Upadhyaya, said that based on Mandal’s preliminary interrogation, police also arrested 19 other workers of the JTMM-J from various parts of the valley.

January 4: Cadres of the JTMM-J shot dead a civilian, identified as Hari Prasad Chaulagain, a resident of Bardibas-3 of Mahottari district. The JTMM-J cadres shot him when he had gone to collect firewood in Tuteswor forest in Maisthan VDC of the district.


December 26: Police arrested Dinesh Sah, the JTMM-J military commander, and an Indian national identified as Binod Kumar Yadav from Bhrikutichowk in Biratnagar on charges of supplying weapons to the cadres of the outfit involved in the murder and abduction people belonging to the Pahade community in the Terai region.

December 9: Cadres of the JTMM-J killed a civilian, identified as Prem Raj Thapa, at Biratnagar in the Morang district on. The JTMM-J Morang in-charge Kuber Singh confirmed that Thapa was killed by his group's cadres for cheating local youths in the name of sending them abroad for employment.

December 2: A JTMM-J cadre, Jaswanta Singh, threatened to kill a journalist, Shiva Puri, Rautahat district, within two days. Singh also issued similar threats to two other journalists, Prabhat Jha and Sailendra Gupta, in the district.

Police arrested three cadres of the JTMM-J in the Siraha district. They were identified as JTMM-J Siraha district in-charge Prem Paswan a.k.a. Bijaya, Sushil Mandal and Nagendra Paswan. Two rounds of bullets were also recovered from them.

November 30: Cadres of the JTMM-J abducted an activist of the Janamorcha Nepal, identified as Pralhad Pokhrel, from Lahan in the Siraha district.

November 27: Police arrested the Morang district in-charge of the JTMM-J, Chandan Mishra a.k.a. Raj, from his rented room in ward no.16 of Biratnagar. Police also recovered a US made pistol, three magazines and 21 rounds of ammunitions from his room.

November 21: APF personnel arrested eight cadres of the JTMM-G from Majhauliya VDC-3 area in the Siraha district on when they were making plans to carry out a robbery in a nearby village. The APF team also recovered one home made revolver, ammunitions, bombs, fire-crackers and a knife from them.

November 17: JTMM-J cadres detonated a bomb at a petrol pump at Dewangunj in the Sunsari district alleging that its proprietor, Deep Narayan Bhagat, had spied on the group.

November 15: Cadres of the JTMM-J abducted a civilian, identified as Mohammad Bhutu, from the district headquarters of Siraha district. The abductors also took away NR 70,000 cash and a motorcycle from his possession.

November 5: Cadres of the JTMM-J killed a youth, identified as Dilawar Shah, of Janakpur Municipality-14 in Dhanusha district.

October 29: A group of armed cadres of the JTMM-J abducted 15 persons and seized five tractors from Chandi Khola in Bishram VDC -4 of Rautahat district.

JTMM-J cadres abducted Amir Yadav, secretary of Banainiya VDC of Saptari district. The JTMM-J's district coordinator, Kailash, claimed that he was abducted on the charges of committing financial irregularities of VDC budget.

October 26: Cadres of the JTMM-J led by a local leader Barud Singh shot dead a civilian, identified as Mukti Karki, of Dumariya-7 in the Rautahat district.

JTMM-J announced that it has resumed its armed struggle for an autonomous Madhes region after the end of the 13-day cease-fire.

October 25: A group of JTMM-J cadres shot dead a civilian, Mohammad Taj Miyan, for allegedly spying against their organisation.

October 24: The JTMM-J announced extension of its unilateral cease-fire till November 17. Jwala Singh told journalists that the cease-fire has been extended taking into consideration the approaching festivals - Tihar and Chhath - which are celebrated by the people in the Terai region.

October 8: JTMM-J cadres abducted three civilians, Kul Prasad Gautam, Jay Prakash Gautam and Nilkantha Gautam of Chitwan district, from Dharampur village in the Rautahat district. JTMM-J called the abductees’ family in Chitwan and demanded NR 200000 as ransom for their release.

October 4: Cadres of the JTMM-J, led by Sarlahi district coordinator Ranjit Yadav, shot dead a youth, identified as Shankar Timilsina, at Ranigunj area in Sarlahi district.

September 27: Activists of the JTMM-J killed a civilian, identified as Ainul Miyan Ansari, at Gamharia Parsa VDC in the Rautahat district, for his alleged involvement in "robbery and abductions."

September 21: JTMM-J cadres detonated an explosion near the house of Rajendra Bahadur Amatya, district president of the Nepali Congress, at Maisthan in the Parsa district.

September 20: Police arrested four cadres of the JTMM-J faction along with two China-made pistols, two muskets and 80 rounds of bullets at Banainiya ward-4 in the Saptari district.

Police arrested three JTMM-J cadres along with seven rounds of bullets from Ranjitpur area in the Saptari district.

September 18: JTMM-J cadres led by their area in-charge Prithvi Singh abducted Laxmi Narayan Yadav, secretary of the Majhaura VDC of Siraha district, for failing to "pay taxes to the Terai government."

September 16: One civilian was killed and another injured, when JTMM-J cadres hurled a hand grenade at a passenger bus in the Bara district.

September 14: JTMM-J threatened to disrupt the Constituent Assembly (CA) polls and declared several programmes, including strikes, so as to disrupt CA elections in the Terai region. It stated that the CA election is just a sham to deceive the Madheshi people and also warned to take physical action against those taking part in the election campaigning in Terai.

September 12: Cadres of the JTMM-J shot dead an employee of a brick kiln, Kedar Prasad Giri, at Baghchauda in the Janakpur area of Dhanusha district.

September 11: Cadres of the JTMM-J abducted the headmaster of Tulsiram Satyabhama Dotel Secondary School, Arun Kumar Shrestha, from his house and subsequently killed him at Bishnupurkatti VDC in the Siraha district.

September 7: A crude bomb exploded in front of a petrol pump in the Shripur area of Birgunj district. The JTMM-J claimed responsibility for the blast.

August 30: The Bara district commander of the JTMM-J, Jamuna Singh, was shot dead by the police in an encounter at Charmohana Tole. The police also recovered a large amount of arms and explosives, including a US-made handgun, three twelve-bore rifles, two homemade guns, one revolver, 87 pieces of improvised explosives, one SMG magazine round and 45 rounds of rifle bullets from the encounter site.

August 28: JTMM-J cadres abducted Druba Sah, secretary of the Pokharbhinta VDC in Siraha district. The group claimed that he was abducted for not paying ‘tax’ to the ‘Terai Government’.

Police arrested nine JTMM-J cadres from the Bishnupurkatti area of Siraha district and recovered a Chinese-make pistol and bullets.

August 24: Suspected JTMM-J cadres abducted and subsequently shot dead a Nepali Congress activist, identified as Phulchan Saha Kanu, in the Ramnagari VDC of Birgunj district.

August 21: JTMM-J cadres exchanged fire with the security forces at Sasar VDC of Saptari district. Police arrested three JTMM-J cadres and recovered two socket bombs and three pistols from their possession.

August 16: Two cadres of the JTMM-J, identified as Sanjay Patel Abinash and Mithun Patel, were killed in a clash with the villagers of Biruwaguthi VDC at Badnihar in the Parsa district.

August 12: Cadres of the JTMM-J attacked a police patrol at Maulapur village in the Rautahat district. However, no casualties were reported in the incident.

August 6: One person was killed and another person injured when cadres of the JTMM-J opened fire on two persons in the Bara district.

August 5: Cadres of the JTMM-J killed a local businessman, identified as Mohan Gautam, after abducting him from Sitapur in the Saptari district.

August 4: JTMM-J cadres abducted a civilian, identified as Lokendra Dangi, from Jhokra-4, in the Sunsari district on charges of extorting high interests from money lent to poor people.

July 26: JTMM-J cadres abducted and shot dead a civilian, Duryodhan Dhanuk, at Bara Inarwa Sira in the Bara district.

A group of around 25 JTMM-J cadres captured the ancestral house of a former Chief Justice, Keshav Prasad Upadhyaya, at Bishnupur Chowk in the Bishnupur VDC-4 area in the Siraha district.

July 19: JTMM-J cadres abducted Muritya VDC secretary Jagannath Sah at Barhathawa in Sarlahi district.

July 18: JTMM-J cadres killed Ram Hari Pokharel, secretary of the Govindapur VDC in Siraha district.

July 13: Cadres of the JTMM-J abducted and subsequently killed two members of a family in the Saptari district.

July 4: JTMM-J cadres shot dead a government employee, Raj Kumar Joshi, at Tarapatti Sirsiya in the Dhanusha district.

July 3: Cadres of the JTMM-J abducted a lawyer, identified as Balram Mehta, from outside the District Police Office at Inaruwa in the Sunsari district.

10 JTMM-J cadres were injured in a clash with a police patrol team at Santapur Dostiya VDC in the Rautahat district.

July 1: Cadres of the JTMM-J abducted the Maoist’s area no. 1 secretary Ram Prabesh Shah from his residence at Madhavpur market in the Rautahat district and subsequently shot him dead.

June 26: Cadres of the JTMM-J killed a villager, identified as Laxman Ram Chamar, in the Sukhipathara VDC-6 area of Bara district for his alleged involvement in robbery.

JTMM-J cadres abducted a person, Shiv Kumar Yadav, from his residence at Bariyarpatti-6 VDC area in the Siraha district for his alleged involvement in many criminal activities in the past, including rape.

June 16: A group of some 20-25 JTMM-J cadres set ablaze the home of former Maoist People's Government chief, Lal Bahadur Chaudhary, at Simara VDC area in the Bara district.

June 14: JTMM-J cadres shot dead the Bara district committee member and district vice-chairman of the Maoist-affiliated Madheshi Liberation Front, Jokhan Mansuri, at Simraungadh in the Bara district.

June 8: JTMM-J cadres abducted a civilian, identified as Bajgain, from Jamuniya VDC area in the Rautahat district and also seized his motorbike.

June 7: JTMM-J activists abducted Devnath Yadav, an employee of the Agriculture Development Bank, at Lahan in the Siraha district.

June 5: Cadres of JTMM-J abducted and subsequently shot dead a district coordinator of the YCL, identified as Krishna Mohan Shah, near the banks of Lalbakaiya River in the Rautahat district.

The JTMM-J captured a piece of land belonging to the former Chief Justice Keshav Prasad Upadhyaya in the Siraha district.

June 3: Cadres of the JTMM- J faction captured 15 bighas of land belonging to a CPN-UML activist, Ram Ekbal Rai, at Sonarniya VDC.

May 15: Cadres of the JTMM-J killed two cadres of the JTMM-G faction, identified as Nagendra Baitha and Parmendra Sahani, in the Dharampur VDC area of Rautahat district.

March 11: Cadres of the JTMM-J and Maoists had a shoot-out between them inside a bus at Satterjhoda in Sunsari district. JTMM-J cadres torched the bus, detained the Maoist cadres and seized their weapons.


Note:Compiled from news reports and are provisional.





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