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Nepal Timeline Year 2000

February 7

Maoists waylay a bus in Dolakha district carrying Polish tourists and rob them of about US$ 5,000 in cash. This is the first major incident by Maoists targeting foreign visitors.

February 13

During celebrations commemorating the fourth anniversary of the "People's War", ‘Comrade’ Prachanda issues a press statement saying his party may now be willing to negotiate with the government to end violence, killings and abductions, if the government agreed to certain conditions.

March 20

Girija Prasad Koirala again becomes Prime Minister after Krishna Prasad Bhattarai resigns following pressure ostensibly for his inability to contain the Maoist insurgents.

June 8

1,600 Maoist insurgents surround a police post manned by 53 police personnel in Jajarkot district and attack with mortars and bombs. Nine policemen, seven civilians and 21 insurgents are killed in the incident.

August 7

Maoist insurgents’ leadership rejects an offer of negotiations made by the government as, in their opinion, the government had failed to create the minimum favorable environment for negotiations.

September 24

1,000 Maoist insurgents attack and demolish the district administration headquarters and a branch of the Nepal Rashtriya Bank Ltd. in Dunai, Dolpo district, that borders Tibet in north-western Nepal.

December 26

Government forms special tribunal under the State Offences and Punishment Act, to prosecute crimes against the state, particularly those committed by Maoists involved in the "People’s War".

December 27

56 NC MPs (out of a total of 113) register a motion of no confidence at the NC parliamentary party office.





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